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Membership FAQ

On how many sites may I use the club applications?

SobiPro and our applications are released under the GPL V3 license, which means you can install them on as many sites or servers as you wish.

Can I use the club applications after my membership expires?

Of course you can! But you will not be able to download new releases.

My membership expired and I bought a new one. How should I proceed?

Please refresh your membership in your My Club page.

Can I upgrade my Membership from Bronze to Silver or from Silver to Gold?

At the moment is upgrading of a membership technically not possible.

Can I buy a single application?

We do not sell single applications.

Where can I see the club applications in action?

You can take a look at our demo site.

Where do I get support for the club applications?

With an active membership you have access to the club forums. If your membership has expired you can still use the free community boards. Please note, support is limited to the applications available in your subscription plan.

Does the club membership include personal phone or email support?

No. Support is available only in the club forums.

I bought a membership but can't get access to the club forums. Why?

Probably you haven't activated your forum access in your My Club page. Click on "Activate Club Forum Account". You need an exiting account in the forum!

Do you provide the documentations in PDF?

All club documentations are available only on-line.

Do you provide developer documentation?

At the moment there is no developer documentation available.

What is the difference between Sobi2 and SobiPro?

You will find the answer in the article Difference between SobiPro and Sobi2.

Does SobiPro and the applications work on all Joomla! systems?

The target CMS is indicated with coloured badges in the download description of SobiPro and the applications.

Which club applications are available?

We provide a list of available applications. Please note, not all applications are available for each membership type.

The application I need is not yet available. When will it be developed?

The estimated development dates are given on our roadmap. Information which are not stated here, aren't yet known.

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