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What's new in SobiPro 1.1

The next major version of SobiPro, SobiPro 1.1, has a completely revised, more user friendly administration panel and more features implemented. It is the best choice to use with the new Joomla! 3.

Feature List of SobiPro 1.1

Entries and Categories on Front-end:

  • Entry Deletion
    In SobiPro 1.0, an entry can only be un-published from front-end. The front-end entry management is extended by the possibility to delete an entry.
  • User Listings view
    User Listings view is added. It is accessible via URL.
  • Listings by date view
    Listings by date view is added. It is accessible via URL.
  • Different Listings views by template override
    Selectable view template from Joomla! menu. With that it is possible to create different views like most popular listings or recently added or updated listings.
  • Direct Entry Selection
    The possibility to link directly to an specific entry via Joomla! Menu Manager is added. With this SobiPro can be used for each content on your site.

Search Function:

  • Category Search
    The search feature of SobiPro is expanded by the possibility to filter the search results by one or more category. Thus only entries of these specific categories are shown.
  • Second Search Ordering
    The SobiPro search results are ordered by priority. If several entries in the results list have the same priority, they can be ordered by a second ordering which is setup in the configuration.
  • Range Search Improvement
    The Range search functionality in SobiPro is expanded by the possibility to use input fields to enter free definable range values.

Administration Panel:

  • Administration panel Re-design
    Re-design of SobiPro administration panel using Bootstrap library. With the usage of the Bootstrap library SobiPro is Joomla! 3.0/3.1 compliant.

Fields/Fields Manager:

  • Definition file for Radio Button field
    Like for Select List fields, a INI definition file with predefined radio options can be uploaded in the Fields Manager to a Radio Button field.
  • Category Chooser
    A new field of type 'Category Chooser' is added to the core fields. It replaces the implemented category chooser in SobiPro and allows to choose between different types of category selection methods.
  • URL Field expansion
    The URL field is expanded by the 'click count' feature. With this you are able to count how often an URL is clicked.


  • Joomla! 3.0 compatibility
  • Redirection for Add Entry Form Access
    If adding an entry is not allowed via ACL, a new possibility to define a redirection page is implemented in SobiPro.
  • Redirection After Saving an Entry
    Customizable page redirection after an entry has been saved is added to the Redirection configuration.
  • Entries order reversible
    The setting 'Sort Entries by Field' got the new option to reverse the order.
  • Prohibition of assigning an entry to parent category
    A possibility to configure the behavior of assigning an entry to a parent category is available.
  • Category and Entry Alias for URL
    The category and entry alias can be used for URL creation instead of the category or name title.
  • Meta Data for specific Views
    Settings for meta data for views like the Add Entry Form or the Search function.

Development Tools:

  • Limit XML raw data to a specific IP
    XML raw data output is an essential functionality to create your own customized template. As it contains a lot of data which you do not want to public even in the development phase of your site, you are able to limit the raw data output to a specific address.
  • Handling for jQuery Conflicts
    The handling for jQuery conflicts with other jQuery libraries is improved.
  • Template Updater
    Possibility to update an template without creating a new section.

A complete list of all changes can be found in the detailed Changelog List.

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