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The SobiPro demo site shows the functionality of SobiPro 1.1 on Joomla! 3.2.
You will find the demo site at

To show the possibilities of the SobiPro component we created several different directories/sections. No core code modifications are made in these sections!

The first one, the Business Directory, demonstrates the standard version of SobiPro with only some minor CSS style and template customizations to fit the selected Joomla! template.
Additionally this demo shows the SP-GeoMap and Aggregation/Tags Fields and also the Sp-GeoMap Module.

The next one, the Restaurant Guide, shows the possibility to create a professional restaurant guide with Joomla! and SobiPro. This section is using the manually modified SobiPro template SobiRestara.
This section uses the Review & Rating and the Notifications Applications. These applications allow you to extend your SobiPro directory to a fully featured Review site.
With the Aggregation/Tags Field, Cuisine and Keywords are tagged. Additionally the SP-GeoMap Field for SobiPro is used in this section.

Another one, the Members section, shows the possibility to create a fully customizable members directory with SobiPro and the Profile Field. User Profiles in this section are displayed with all the related entries of that author from other SobiPro sections on this site.
The Aggregation/Tags Field is used to aggregate characteristics of the different profile members.
In this section also the Calendar Field, the SP-GeoMap and QR-Code Fields are used.

At the home page you can see the SobiPro SP-GeoMap Module for the Business Directory.
On this demo site the SobiPro Router application is installed.

Important: please notice that the data entered in these directories are not compulsorily authentic (especially the addresses and offers), so please do not use these directories as source of information.

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