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This change log list describes all bug fixes and changes made since RC1 of SobiPro.

SobiPro 1.1.11 (28 October 2014)

(+) Possibility to define parent container for datePicker
(+) Image Field functionality extended: possibility to crop an image

(!) Changed deprecated JException to core Exception

(#) Messages queue overflow
(#) Category field causes 500 error if contains comma separated data
(#) SobiPro redirects are causing a 303 code
(#) DatePicker converts timestamp to a scientific notation on some servers; forcing integer output
(#) Router - not possible to use dash in the in config defined alias (Issue #1322)
(#) Creation date of the duplicated entry is the same as the original (Issue #1328)
(#) If in datepicker all time options are disabled it is removing also 'now' and 'clear' buttons (Issue #1346)
(#) Wrong date when Joomla! time zone is different than server time (Issue #1348)
(#) Wrong results for range search (Issue #1343)
(#) SigsiuTree, category field: disabled possibility to select (click) additional category as long as the previous wasn't added (Issue #1347)
(#) Wrong language used if 'en-GB' pre-load function is disabled (Issue #1352)
(#) Pending entries aren't visible in front-end (Issue #1354)

(*) Security Fix (#) Bug Fix (+) Addition (-) Removed (!) Changed

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