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This change log list describes all bug fixes and changes made since RC1 of SobiPro.

SobiPro 1.1.8 (30 March 2014)

(#) Cache improvement removed for Joomla 2.5

SobiPro 1.1.7 (28 March 2014)

(+) Possibility to define list of exif data to pass to the XML output
(+) Possibility to pass parameters to the editor
(+) Possibility to delete a date from datetimepicker (Issue #1208)

(!) Improved exif data cleaning method (again) (Issue #1205)
(!) Limiting the search results to 1000 by default (adjustable in config.ini)
(!) Several improvements in the search functionality
(!) CSS style for alert messages
(!) Improved Joomla! cache management (not caching session token)
(!) Added several tasks (entry submit, delete, approve, publish, ...) to be ignored by the crawler

(#) Possibility to define the Itemid and pass it to SobiPro::Url (Issue #1206)
(#) Limiting the "explode" in crawler to separate body from header to two pieces (Issue #1213)
(#) Method SPDBObject::getChilds limits type to entries only.

(*) Security Fix (#) Bug Fix (+) Addition (-) Removed (!) Changed

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