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This change log list describes all bug fixes and changes made since RC1 of SobiPro.

SobiPro 1.1.9 (03 July 2014)

(+) SEF router now included in SobiPro directly
(+) Warning about missing menu item to SobiPro section view

(!) Requirements checker is getting current version from Joomla updater extension
(!) Some icons in administration panel improved (datepicker)
(!) Changed order of meta keys and meta description (Issue #1231)
(!) Image field - changing all file extensions to lower case now
(!) Repository SSL Certificate information renewed

(#) Rejection messages corrected
(#) Corrected attributes handling in SPHeader::meta()
(#) Discard changes for a new entry (Issue #1221)
(#) Extended exceptions to include "entry.delete" in router (#Issue)
(#) Workaround for a bug in JApplicationCli
(#) Crawler accesses operational tasks (Issue #1226)
(#) 'Now' in the datepicker sets wrong hour (Issue #1223)
(#) Not possible to use more than one SigsiuTree categories chooser (Issue #1220)
(#) Category field set to be an administrative field is loosing data when user edits the entry (Issue #1219)
(#) Incorrect results while ordering by popularity (counter) (Issue #1267)
(#) Incorrect results while ordering by title in multilingual mode (Issue #1258)

(*) Security Fix (#) Bug Fix (+) Addition (-) Removed (!) Changed

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