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Featured Entries Module now available
Written by Sigrid Suski   
Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Featured Entries Module now available

An update of the well known Entries Module for SobiPro is available for download. The Entries Module can now filter entries depending on a select list or checkbox group field. Thus, the module can be set up as a Featured Entries module. It can also be used to show only entries with a specific content in a module position such as all entries from a specific country or city.

A few bugs are fixed and Slovak and Afrikaans languages are added too. Many thanks to our translation teams.

The Entries module still allows to show entries in a Joomla! module position with various sorting orders, so it can also be used as a

  • Most Popular Entries Module
  • Latest Entries Module
  • Last Updated Module
  • Module for Entries Expiring soon
  • Random Entries Module
As the sorting order can be set to every text field (input box) of your directory, so you can use the module as a
  • Sort Entries by Field Module
You can use all kind of modules by using the module several times for one or more sections.

The module comes with its own XSL template and with its own CSS. All data for vCards are available also in the module.

Additionally the module can be set to show only entries of the currently visited category (Dynamic Mode) or of a fixed category.

Special highlights are the possibility to use real navigation within the module and to show the details view of an entry in a modal window (popup).

As a SobiPro Club member download the Entries Module.

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