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Reinstalling SobiPro Repository

SobiPro features a Core Repository to automatically download and install the latest software for SobiPro, along with applications that you have access to. To use the Repository to install free applications, you need to re-install the repository if you updated SobiPro with a new full version.

Reinstalling the Repository

Log in to your Joomla! administration (back-end) and select SobiPro from the Joomla! components menu. Once in SobiPro's control panel click on the Application Manager symbol or select the Application Manager from the Menu's dropdown list.

SobiPro CPanel

On the Application Manager screen, click Available Applications and then Manage Repositories.
In the Add new Repository input field, add the SobiPro Repository URL and click Add.

SobiPro Manage Repositories

Once you do, the certificate information will appear and you will need to click Yes, these data are correct. Add this repository please.

Add SobiPro Repository URL

You do not need to enter the following optional data, just click Send.

just click send

Requirements for using the Repository

In order to use the SobiPro Repository successfully, your server needs to fulfil the following requirements.

1) Some providers seem to provide this functionality within the PHP configuration, but at the same time outgoing connections are blocked on the firewall or do not allow CURL for SSL URLs.
Please ensure that this functionality is enabled and also that it is indeed possible to use it.

See also the complete Requirements List for SobiPro.


Current Certificate Data

SobiPro Repository Certificate

Siteground 1

Club Account

SobiPro Club - Become a Bronze Member

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